DustGard® is the Premier Solution for Road Stabilization & Dust Control.


Stabilize your dirt and gravel surfaces with DustGard. DustGard provides immediate cost savings by reducing the need for gravel replacement, blading and watering. Plus, you'll save in labor costs and experience less wear and tear on your equipment.

DustGard creates dense, smooth road surfaces for easy driving conditions. Roads treated with DustGard increase vehicle productivity, decrease fuel consumption and save time overall.

DustGard offers the following benefits:

  • An ecologically safe option for environmentally sensitive areas such as U.S. National Forest Roads
    Compliance with PM-10 regulations.
  • Reduced soil erosion caused by destructive wind conditions.
  • Fewer costs related to cleaning and maintaining vehicles and equipment.
  • Improved safety by improving visibility, reducing the chance of accidents, reducing injury from flying stones and loose gravel around the work site.
  • Provides cleaner air in homes and vehicles, promoting better health and fewer dust-related respiratory problems.

For superior surface gravel stabilization, DustGard is a best bet for unpaved roads, construction sites, parking lots, open pit mines, airports, truck terminals, fairgrounds, playgrounds, race tracks, service areas, helicopter pads and rail yards. And it’s always readily available when you need it.

Dustgard dust suppressant application

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